Sunny Beaches

Sunny Beaches


Group Photo – TOMBOY

Tomboy - group shot

Tomboy – group shot

TOMBOY – Members: (left to right) Bill Owlsey, on guitar; Todd Daniel, drums; Bill Gore, Bass and vocals; and Eddie Pontiac, guitar and vocals.


Marc Phillips with “Split The Dark”

Marc Phillips - Split The Dark

Marc Phillips – Split The Dark

Photo taken using a Kodak 110 pocket camera – C. Abernathy (photographer)


Kevin Derryberry – TELLURIDE

Kevin Derryberry - TELLURIDE

Kevin Derryberry – TELLURIDE


Rick Carter with TELLURIDE

Rick Carter - TELLURIDE

Rick Carter – TELLURIDE


Bill Owsley with “Baghdad”

Bill Owsley-Bagdad

William ‘Bill’ Owsley of “Baghdad”


Eric Dover with “Baghdad”

Eric Dover with Baghdad

Eric Dover with Baghdad


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