Anniversary – First Article Published in the CHANTICLEER, 1985

Jut looked at the calendar for this month — and low and behold TODAY is the 28th Anniversary of my first MUSIC REVIEW in the JSU CHANTICLEER!!!

Yes, it was on a Thursday…I reviewed a show from TOMBOY – held the previous Thursday night, at “Brother’s Bar”…Yes, I also did another interview that evening with Baghdad (while in a custom I had worn to a contest at the JSU Hopper Dining Hall; I won third place…which the prize was a discount on a meal ticket for the Spring Semester).

costume 1985

costume contest 1985

“Why is this important?”, you might ask.

For several reasons.
1) It was the first time I had completed, and had an article published.
2) I had to overcome my severe shyness to interview people.
3) It allowed me to meet musicians, as a journalist.
4) I had to learn how to interact with crowds and different personalities.
5) With my byline” C. A. Abernathy” – I could attend the shows anonymously.
6) Along with taking notes about local music, I would also carry a Kodak 120 camera — you

    can not

be shy with a camera, and get good photographs

There are other tales I could tell about that night, that week, and that month — but right now is not the time.

Just wanted to post about the fact that the day being the same DAY as the week when I began my ‘journalism’ career in Jacksonville, Alabama

— Cathy A. Abernathy

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