— closing down several subdomains/service in September

Just recently learned that some of the ‘service’ sites that Ancestry “own” are being discontinued; that’s the bad news.

The “good news”, you might ask.
1) I am able to back up photographs from account(s).
2) I am able to download my GEDCOM from
3) I will have a partial collection of the massive amounts of data I have posted on, over the years — related to family tree research.;
4) The services will be active until sometime in early September — I may be able to figure out how to back up my contacts from the site(s).

Why mention this on the Brother’s blog? — two reasons:

1) The change from free to paid accounts at several years ago, prompted me to migrate my “Brother’s…” files to this WordPress site. I have never known for certain that I had posted/found ALL the photographs I had posted — when the subscription/fee went into effect, there was no way for me to access the site!

2) NOW, with the downloaded (*.zip) backup file(s) I will be able to edit, caption, sort by groups, and upload my photographs in a timely, better organized manner to this site. So, “STAY TUNED.”

— Cathy Ann Abernathy

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