Welcome to SPRING

Welcome to SPRING — time for plants having sex, and people having allergies; the weather being very active on many evenings, and wasps getting really close (stinging folks).

I love to see the blooming plants and trees; but the pollen and a wasp sting has set the tone for me this week. The sinus/allergies have taken a back seat to the wasp sting from Saturday evening. To cope with the sting, Dave put StningEaze on it right after it happened. Several times since then, I have taken a dose (or three, as recommended) of Benedryl.

So there are several days that are pretty much a blur, from the meds…I do hope your SPRING is off to a much better beginning.

If any of the regular visitors have heard the details of “Brother’s Bar” current schedule, and hours of operation — I would like to hear about.

Until next we meet here…keep cool, and try to remember “breathe!”

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